bird, buried press is currently accepting submissions from Ontario writers and artists.

Poetry: Please send a suite of 3-5 poems, of any length and style (although, fair warning, we’re not terribly keen on rhyme or anything that might be considered overly formal).*

Prose: Please send your best fiction, non-fiction, flash-fiction, scripts, strange hybrid texts, or invented genres. bird, buried press likes it weird, mundane, funny, dark ….
The only thing bird, buried press does NOT like is exposition. Seriously, don’t send work that explains itself.*

*Send all texts as ONE attachment (pdf, docx, doc, rtf).

Art: Please send a portfolio (website link or attached pdf). bird, buried press is interested in collections and individual pieces to be paired with texts. Get a sense of Elisha’s aesthetic on tumblr.

Any and all submissions will be reviewed, given diligent consideration, and then sent back to you with criticism and comments within one month (we’re trying to do things better than all those mags that make you wait six months just to find out you weren’t the right fit).

If we like what we see, we’ll get in touch with you to figure out what the next step should be.

Before submitting, please keep in mind that we are interested in working very closely with our contributors, so we expect a reciprocal relationship. Be ready to wrestle with your work, to get constructive criticism, and to be open to such criticism.

Don’t read our current publications for an idea as to what kind of work we’re looking for. Just send us your strongest work. We don’t want to miss out on something ground-breaking simply because it might not fit with our current model. Our goal is to publish the best work possible, regardless of form or bent.

Sounds like a very open call for submissions, yes? Because it is.

Our reading period is forever, so send us your work when it suits you. However, if we find that your submission was poorly done, in terms of formatting and the information provided, we will disregard it. Avail yourselves of the basic formatting of submitting to magazines before you submit here, that’s all. Please take your work as seriously as we will.

Send to:

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